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How to Get a Job Referral (with samples)

How to Get a Job Referral (with samples)33Acquiring a job referral can make all of the difference in getting hired. More than 60% of employees that were referred to an open position were hired by the employer. In comparison, those applying to jobs in general have only about a 2% chance of even getting an interview. Even if half of those interviewed are hired, this means getting referred correlated with a 60,000% increase in your chance of getting hired.The trouble comes in knowing who to ask, what to do if you have no connections, and how to draft the message to request a referral. Luckily, weve got all the answers for you. With our guide, you can get a job referral that will get you one step closer the job you want.The benefits of getting a job referralMore fulfilling work The statistics are pretty overwhelming on the benefits employees who get a job through referrals are more likely to enjoy their job and feel satisfied with their culture fit. This makes a lot of sense. Considering youll get referred from personal connections (or connections youre soon to form), the company you get referred to is likely to share values with your friends, who are likely to share values with you. Get noticed by big firms As the size of a company increases, so does the percentage of jobs filled through referrals. This means you can leverage referrals to get noticed by large companies that may be bombarded with millions of resumes each year. Your referral is an effective side-step in the process that will push your resume furtherbei up the line, or lead straight to an interview.Tip When Sam welches making her career change, she submitted a resume to Spotify and also used her connections to get referred to her current position. It was a two-pronged approach. Impress the employer More than 50% of employers consider employees that have been referred to be a better fit for their organisation. This follows much of the same logic as feeling more fulfilled in your work, but the conseque nce of this is youre more likely to impress your employer in jobs youve been referred to compared to those youve not been referred to. Who to ask for referrals First-connections Your first connections are those that you have direct contact with. unterstellung are people youve previously worked with, close friends, colleagues, and so on. Those who are in your first network are best to ask for referrals as rapport has already been built and theyre more likely to help you out.Tip Where possible, ask for a referral from senior-level management as 91% of people referred by a director got hired compared to 53% referred by those at entry-level. Second-connections These are the people who you are connected to through a mutual acquaintance. While not preferable, second-connections are great for expanding your network. These connections tend to come in when researching positions on LinkedIn. Its important to build a rapport with second-connections before requesting a job referral from them so this method can take a bit longer.Bonus Student ConnectionsStudents have an alternative route to go down when it comes to referrals. Universities and schools come with an array of connections to companies, different universities, community organisations, and more. If youre currently in school, you can ask your careers service if they have connections with anyone that may work in the company youre looking to apply to or something similar. You can also contact professors, student clubs, and honor societies. Tip Do you need to write a reference letter? Check out our best practices.What if I dont have insider connections?Step 1 Select your contactThe first thing you need to do with no insider connections is to pick someone that has influence in the organisation youre applying to. For example, if youre hoping to apply for the Regional Manager in a certain organisation, find someone who works as a Branch Manager, or the Managing Director. Learn more about finding connections later in thi s post. The key to this is finding someone whose opinion will have a plausible influence on the hiring practice of an opening position. Step 2 tischset up an informational interview The next thing to do is reach out to this person (more on this later) an organise an informational interview. This is a quick meeting where you ask the person about their role, their time in the company, and so on. The idea here is to build a relationship with the person without introducing the idea of getting a referral straight away. If the organisation that interests you is scheduled to appear at a careers fair, ask this person if they intend on going. If so, thats your in. If not, you can use this to setup the interview. I was hoping to speak to you on project theyre involved in How does meeting point sound?Step 3 Discern challenges Your objective in the informational interview is to identify challenges the company is facing at the moment. Of course, the person youre speaking to wont be able to divul ge confidential information, but simply learn about obstacles theyre trying to overcome in their role, or even previous issues.Step 4 Offer solutions Once youve identified challenges (of which, something related to an open position is bound to come up), then you can take time to brainstorm how you can offer possible solutions. Follow-up with the person after your interview and mention how you think you can help. I recall you mentioning issue. In my experience, solution could help this. I saw you have an opening for open position, would you be comfortable referring me for open position and we can try put solution into action?Where to find your connections LinkedIn Before reading this post you must have thought of using LinkedIn for connections. The question is, how do you find people on LinkedIn who may provide a referral? You can utilise LinkedIns search feature. On desktop, click on Jobs. From there, youll binnensee an option to filter jobs by In Your Network this will show you con nections you have that work at organisations with job openings. You can also go through any LinkedIn groups youre a member of to identify possible connections. Facebook Much like LinkedIn, you can easily search through Facebook Groups to find people who work in organisations of interest. It is also possible to search for people who work in an organisation directly in Facebooks search bar. Simply search People who work at company of interest to identify behauptung people. Reminder Messages sent on Facebook without being friends end up in a message request filter. This can lower your chances of being noticed.Meetups Meetup is an app that allows you to host networking and mingling events with peers based on a mutual interest. Many professionals host meetups to network and get to know one another. These can be used to find people who work in your field / an organisation of interest. Careers Fair Also known as a job fair, a careers fair is an exciting opportunity to meet your dream compa ny or a potential employer with casual conversation. While theyre mainly used to leave an impression on the recruiter with your resume, they can also be used to network and make connections. Check the social media of the organisation of interest to see if theyre going to be at an upcoming job fair. Recruitment agencies typically advertise unterstellung too.How to ask for a referral The key to asking a colleague (or recent connection) to refer you for a job lies in the language you use. You dont want your request to come across as a demand, nor do you want to put the person in the position in which they feel they have to refer you. You want someone to be more than happy to do this, in fact, if you build rapport correctly, your connection should be motivated to do this on their own. See a sample below. Asking for a job referral (sample) Hi Persons Name, I hope youre doing well. Following from our conversation on challenge to business I had some ideas on how I could solution. Im excite d by the attribute of the business and noticed there was a job opening for open position. Do you feel you know enough about me to write a referral letter for the position? Id love to start working on challenge to business as soon as possible. For the role, I believe my skill in 3 skills relevant to the job opening / description coupled with my experience in prior experience linked to challenge to business would bring a lot of value. Let me know what you think. Your nameWhat makes this sample effective?Using this format, you lean on your previous rapport with the individual and provide them autonomy over their decision on referring you Do you feel you know enough. You clearly outline your suitability for the open position to them (i.e., your value proposition) too. Theyve got all the information they need. Getting your job referral Job referrals can hep you get noticed by the recruiter, find more fulfilling work, and leave a great impression. Using your existing network and those con nected to you through mutual friends, as well as leveraging contacts made available to you through your work or study, can help you identify the best person to provide your referral. Even if you dont have insider connections to your organisation of interest, it is possible to get a referral. When requesting a referral, reference previous conversations, outline your value proposition, and ask your connection whether or not they feel comfortable doing so.Tip UtilizingEnhancvs resume builder, you can benefit from our built-in referral system to send a link of your resume to your contact as a reference of your previous experience.

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Win a Front Row Seat to Googles Engineering Hangout with Jeff Moore!

Win a Front Row Seat to Googles Engineering Hangout with Jeff Moore Win a Front Row Seat to Googles Engineering Hangout with Jeff MooreAre you wondering how to hack yur way into an internship with a leading tech company or the best-practices for mastering the ubiquitous tech interview? Enter our challenge to win a front row seat with Googles Lead Engineering recruiter, Jeffrey T. Moore, during WayUps hangout event.This is a a great opportunity to get face-time with a key employee in charge of making engineering hires at one of the most innovative companies in the worldHow to EnterTo win exclusive access to this invite-only event, follow these three steps1.) Film a sample question for Jeff using a phone or webcam.2.) Upload the video and post your video question to WayUps Facebook page.3.) Entries must be received by Friday, February 24th. WayUps team of career gurus will select and notify three lucky winners on Monday, February 27th.Note Winners of the video challenge must be availab le for the entire Hacking the Engineering Internship hangout (February 29th 3 4 pm PST).Feel free to get creative with your engineering questions

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How to Control For me and Against me Thoughts

How to Control For me and Against me Thoughts According to UCLAs Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, the average person has around 70,000 thoughts per day. That is overwhelming. The majority of a persons thoughts will be on whatever he or she is focused on in that given moment. This means that during the week, most people tend to focus on work and work-related issues. Because our jobs and careers are such a large and important aspect of our lives, its only normal to focus so much attention to unterstellung areas. But what happens when our thinking is unhealthy?FM and AM. For me and Against me thoughts. They are just like they sound. For me thoughts are those thoughts you have that bring you up, are encouraging and positive. Against me thoughts are the opposite degrading, depressing and negative. Many different things we come into contact with on a daily basis are always trying to tell us what and how to think this is pretty, that is unattractive, this is acceptable, that is leid the path to go down. Yet, often times, the loudest voice we here is the one inside our heads.Controlling your thoughts cutting back on AM and increasing FM thoughts is an important step on the path to success. Below are five areas youre sure to encounter in the pursuit of your dreams, the AM thoughts that can come along with them, and how to turn your sticking thinking into FM thoughts.PassionEveryone has a passion or passions. Its whatever ignites the flame inside of you whatever lights that spark. Passions are usually uncontrollable, meaning you simply cannot help the way you feel. Ever since you watched your first episode of Law Order you wanted to be a detective, or your love for people is innate causing you to pursue opening a nonprofit. Yet, just because something is in inside of your heart, doesnt mean your mind always agrees.AM thoughts I do not have a passion I dont care about anything.My interest s are too different.I cannot become successful working in a field related to my passions.FM thoughts Although I have yet to discover my passion, I will.My interests are original and unique.Success is waking up each day loving the work I do, not how much money I make.AbilitiesI believe everyone has a natural talent(s), but this doesnt mean people cannot learn new skills. Ive heard the saying that talent isnt born, its created, which means no matter who you are, you can master a craft if you put in the necessary time and effort to do so. Our abilities, gifts and talents are crucial to our future success because these skills are what allow us to become successful. Yet, using your gifts will be that much harder if 1) you dont believe you have any or 2) you arent confident in the ones you do have.AM thoughts I am untalented.I dont have what it takes.I am not as good as the next person.FM thoughts I am talented and have special gifts.I have what it takes to succeed.I do not focus on the s kills of others, but continually sharpen and increase my own. Someone elses talent does not diminish my own.GoalsSetting goals is a necessary step when trying to accomplish your dreams. Often times we look at the big picture, which is necessary, but breaking tasks down into smaller goals instead of aiming directly for the top helps. We have to remain focused and positive when executing the short-term goals because its very easy to fall into a negative mindset as 1) you wait for the end result and 2) you encounter roadblocks that may cause you to stumble along the way.AM thoughts My dreams are too big.This is impossible.Its rare to accomplish this kind of goal. Most people dont make it.FM thoughts No dream is too big. If I can see it, I can become it.With hard work and determination, nothing is impossible.The only one stopping me from accomplishing my goals is me.CouragePursuing your hopes and dreams isnt always easy. It will take a lot of courage to get out there and do what youve s et your mind to do. It always seems mora comfortable to avoid taking risks, but if you never try how will you know what you can and cannot do?AM thoughts This is too risky.What if I fail?I should just take the easy route and do something more realistic/tangible.FM thoughts Taking risks is how you experience new things in life.Theres no such thing as failure. Only lessons learned.Easier doesnt always mean better. An easy route wont challenge me to grow.PerseveranceThe ability to persevere is vital to becoming successful. Nothing in life will be handed to you. The path to accomplishing your goals will be filled with obstacles, hurdles and setbacks, but its how you react to the unexpected that counts. AM thoughts will cause you to throw in the towel and give up, but choosing to think FM thoughts can help you push through.AM thoughts This is too hard.I should just quit.I should have never tried to do this.FM thoughts If it were easy, everyone could do it.Ive come too far to give up.Eith er way theres going to be an election and someone is going to win. You may as well run. (Translation) If I dont try, someone else will.Remember, no one is guaranteed to be on your side when youre pursuing your goals. Controlling your thoughts will ensure that, at the end of the day, you will at least have one person who believes in you yourself.

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Sell Yourself Short

Sell Yourself ShortSell Yourself ShortExcerpted from Youre Better Than Your Job SearchBy Marc Cenedella and Matthew RothenbergIf your experience is in a troubled industry, you may have to find a whole new way to package it, says Randy Hain, managing partner at Bell Oaks Executive Search in Atlanta. I know a guy who was senior in the insurance industry, he says. He ended up taking a project-manager job with a small company that saw some value in his leadership skills. But he couldnt find anything related to his experience. I see that a lot with anyone related to real estate right now, or home lending, mortgages. Theres just nothing to be found. Either they take a job in a new industry, or they take anything they can in their industry to survive.Colleen ONeill, a principal at Mercer, says she believes hiring managers tend to be much more flexible about cross-industry moves today. When were talking to recruiting managers, theyre very open, and they know that even that highly qualified candidate might have been making much more than theyre offering today.And then certainly, I think people have a different mindset Its not necessarily going to hurt their long-term prospects that they have something else to add in their portfolio, that there was some period of time that they worked in a different industry, had a different job - were kind of in a different place than we were the last recession, she says. People know that there going to have many jobs over the course of their working life. From an employers standpoint, I think people are very open to it.Now available in e-book form for $3.99 from online retailers, including Amazon, Books-a-million, Barnes Noble and Borders.From Youre Better Than Your Job Search by Marc Cenedella and Matthew Rothenberg.